How to get to & from the Athens International Airport


All taxis in Athens are yellow. When exiting Athens Airport you can get a taxi at the designated Taxi waiting area located at Exit 3 of Arrivals Level. You should get in the queue and when your turn comes, get in the next available taxi.The fares from Athens airport to Athens city centre inner ring or vise versa are fixed:

  • €38 during Day time (05:00-24:00)
  • €54 during Night time (24:00-05:00)

The fare is determined by the time of arrival at the destination and includes all applicable surcharges and extras.

Pre-booked Taxi

Pre-booked taxis are available upon request. For further information, please contact the Taxi Union Association (SATA) at tel.: +30 210 5239524. According to the Greek Legislation, taxi drivers should provide a receipt for the amount paid for transportation services.


With us

Getting to or from an airport can be very stressful. Let us make the whole process so much easier.

If you are heading to the airport we will get you there in time via the quickest and more secure route. Our drivers have online information about the current state of the traffic, road construction or maintenance works and flight status on arriving and departing flights at the airport.

If you would like us to pick you up from the airport we will be there in time waiting for your flight to arrive. In the event of a delay in your flight we will wait for you with no extra cost.

Our driver will be awaiting your arrival after the baggage claim area holding a sign with your name/contact information and will transport you directly to your destination. We track flight numbers to ensure that our drivers are always in time. Booking in advance is optional, however helps us to offer more efficient services. We offer discounted rates thus providing the best value transfers available.

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